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Our exciting atomic structure of the cross-α amyloid-like fibril from a pathogenic bacteria is published in Science!

Tayeb-Fligelman et al. Science 355(6327): 831-833; 2017

Cross-alpha fibrils from S. aureus are toxic to human T cellsImage created by Dima Abelski, Dimedia


The paper was covered by:

ScienceNews: Bacteria’s amyloids display surprising structure

Chemical & Engineering News (American Chemical Society magazine): Surprising amyloid structure solved

Alzforum: Bizarre Twist on Amyloid Structure

The European Peptide Society : Will the discovery of cross-α amyloid-like fibrils herald a new definition of amyloid?

Press Release:


Technion: Novel Amyloid Structure Could Lead to New Types of Antibiotics

Israel21c: New type of amyloid could lead to new antibiotics

Press Releases in Hebrew:

Ynet Science section

The Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science

Technion: החץ המורעל של החיידק הזהוב


Girl Power

Photo Credit: Nitzan Zohar, Technion Spokesperson’s Office


Conferences and Events

Molecular Perspectives on Protein-Protein Interactions; December 3-7 2017, Eilat, Israel

1st BioStruct-X Mediterranean Macromolecular Crystallography Workshop; January 4-6 2016

Technion, Faculty of Biology Retreat 2015

2013 Israel Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting at the Technion! (21 May, 2013)


Outreach Activities


Meytal was selected as one of the “People of the Year” of MAKOR RISHON (article in Hebrew)

Meytal presents at “Science in the Pub” celebrating international women’s day, Haifa, March 2017

Meytal presents at “Science in the Pub” hosted by the iGEM Technion team, Haifa, May 2016

Technion; January 5 2016
Meytal is giving a talk: “Drugs, Bacteria and particle accelerators”

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 6.00.13 PM

Check out an article about Meytal in the ATS Technion USA Magazine, Summer 2014

Tel-Aviv Museum Dec 24, 2013
Meytal is giving a talk: “From Synchrotrons to Drug Invention”


Check out an article about Meytal in the Technion Magazine (in Hebrew)