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Lab News



  • Peleg Ragonis-Bachar presented at EMBOComp3D even amidst challenging circumstances. See post on X
  • Peleg Ragonis-Bachar has been awarded with the VATAT (Israel Council for Higher Education) scholarship for outstanding PhD students in Data Science!!!
  • Bader Rayan has been awarded with the Neubauer Family Foundation doctoral fellowship!!!
  • Congratulations to Nimrod Golan for giving his PhD graduation seminar!


  • Bader Rayan has been awarded with the Technion’s Leonard and Diane Sherman Interdisciplinary student fellowship!!!


  • Peleg Ragonis-Bachar has been awarded with the Technion’s Jacobs student fellowship!!!
  • Yizhaq (itzik) Engelberg has been awarded with the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI) student scholarship For Excellence In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology!!!


  • Yizhaq (itzik) Engelberg received the 2020 Lev Margulis Memorial Prize from The Israel Society for Microscopy (ISM)!!!! congrats!
    The award committee noted that Itzik’s discovery is an “impressive achievement in the study of the structure of a human antimicrobial peptide” and that it is expected to lead to diverse applications in biotechnology, nanotechnology, antibacterial drug production, tissue restoration and more. Itzik’s findings were recently published in Nat Commun 11, 3894 (2020).


  • Nir Salinas gave a talk in the 69th annual meeting of American Crystallography Association
    (ACA) held in Covington, Kentucky.

Nir Salinas is giving a talk in ACA seminar

  • Nir Salinas received the best presentation award in the Israel Crystallographic Association and Structural Biology (ICA) Meeting!

Nir Salinas presenting flash talk

  • Nir Salinas was awarded with the Clore Fellowship!!!


  • Einav Tayeb-Fligelman was awarded with the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Postdoctoral fellowship!!!
  • Einav Tayeb-Fligelman was awarded with the Rothschild Postdoctoral fellowship!!!


Conference Organization

  • Current Challenges in Amyloid Diseases: From Molecular Mechanisms to the Cell and Clinics; September 2-6, Dead Sea, Israel
  • Technion, Faculty of Biology Retreat 2015

Presenting our work

Bader Rayan and Peleg Ragonis-Bachar are presenting their joint work at the Technion faculty of biology retreat March 2023.


Peleg Ragonis-Bachar giving a stunning presentation at the “Specificity Determinants of Biomolecular Interactions – commemorating the late Professor Aharon Katzir” meeting at the Weizmann institute of Science. November 2022. check tweets

The 4th Ulm Meeting on “Biophysics of Amyloid Formation”, Germany, 2020

Joint Workshop: Cooperation in Photon Science – Israel – DESY & European XFEL, Jerusalem, 2019

Meytal Landau and Nir Salinas at ICA 2019

Meytal Landau and Nimrod Golan at ICA 2019

Meytal Landau and Itzik Engelberg at ICA 2019



Lab fun and activities

Farewell party to Jacob Aunstrup Larsen, DTU, Danish-Israeli Student Program, June 2022


Lab date to Libira May 2022


Lab Trip November 2020


A group picture from the wedding of Nir Salinas
Our lab members, present and past, together with faculty staff and extended family-
Celebrating the wedding of Ph.D student Nir Salinas!

Beam Time

Nimrod Golan at the entrance to the Synchrotron

Maya Deshmukh and Nimrod Golan at the synchrotronMeytal Landau at the Synchrotron

Having fun after a long shift in the Synchrotron

Itzik Engelberg, Meytal Landau and Einav Tayeb-Fligelman drinking a hot beverage
Maya Deshmukh, Meytal Landau, Nimrod Golan and Nir Salinas having a beer
Meytal Landau, Maya Deshmukh, Nimrod Golan and Nir Salinas

After a long day in the lab

Orli Wolfson, Itzik Engelberg, Maya Deshmukh and Nir Salinas having pizza