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Natural Antimicrobial Peptides Self-assemble as α/β Chameleon Amyloids.
P. Ragonis-Bachar*, B. Rayan*, E. Barnea, Y. Engelberg, A. Upcher, and M. Landau. Biomacromolecules Epub ahead of print
* Authors contributed equally.

The Cryo-EM Structures of two Amphibian Antimicrobial Cross-β Amyloid Fibrils.
R. Bücker, C. Seuring, C. Cazey, K. Veith, M. García-Alai, K. Grünewald, and M. Landau. Nature Communications 13: 4356; 2022.


The amphibian antimicrobial peptide uperin 3.5 is a cross-α/cross-β chameleon functional amyloid.
Nir Salinas*, Einav Tayeb-Fligelman*, Massimo D. Sammito, Daniel Bloch, Raz Jelinek, Dror Noy, Isabel Usón, Meytal Landau. PNAS 118 (3) e2014442118; 2021 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2014442118. *Authors contributed equally.



The Human LL-37(17-29) Antimicrobial Peptide Reveals a Functional Supramolecular Structure.
Y. Engelberg and M. Landau. Nat Commun 11, 3894 (2020)  Full text



Structural insight led to repurposing anti-Alzheimer’s compounds to fight bacterial biofilm
Perov*, O. Lidor*, N. Salinas*, N. Golan*, E. Tayeb-Fligelman, M. Deshmukh, D. Willbold, and M. Landau. PLoS Pathog 15(8):e1007978. Full text



A toxic bacterial peptide forms unique cross-α amyloid fibrils leading to killing human immune cells
Tayeb-Fligelman, O. Tabachnikov, A. Moshe, O. Goldshimidt-Tran, M.R. Sawaya, N. Coquelle, J.-P. Colletier, M. Landau. Science 355(6327): 831-833; 2017 Full text

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