Lab members

Picture of Meytal Landau, PhD

Meytal Landau, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone:  +972-77-887-1965
Picture of Dr. Eilon Barnea

Dr. Eilon Barnea

PhD, Lab Manager
Phone:  0778871965
Picture of Itai Bloch

Itai Bloch

Doctoral student
Picture of Itzik Engelberg

Itzik Engelberg

Doctoral student
Picture of Nimrod Golan

Nimrod Golan

Doctoral Student
Picture of Peleg Ragonis

Peleg Ragonis

MSc student
Picture of Bader Rayan

Bader Rayan

MSc student


Picture of Orli Wolfson

Orli Wolfson

Administrative Research Assistant
Phone:  077-887-1964
Picture of Dr. Hanan Abu Tayeh

Dr. Hanan Abu Tayeh

Joint postdoc with Dr. Ruth Perets, Technion Faculty of Medicine and Rambam Health Care Campus Continue Reading Dr. Hanan Abu Tayeh
Picture of Nir Salinas

Nir Salinas

PhD 2020
Nir completed his PhD in the lab at 10/2020, and is currently a postdoctoral scholar at UCSF. Continue Reading Nir Salinas
Picture of Amit Parizat

Amit Parizat

Undergraduate student research assistant
Picture of Maya Deshmukh

Maya Deshmukh

Visiting Student
Maya is now pursuing an MD/PhD at Yale University Continue Reading Maya Deshmukh
Picture of Dr. Ofir Lidor

Dr. Ofir Lidor

PhD, former lab manager
Ofir is currently a lab manager in the field of food industry Continue Reading Dr. Ofir Lidor
Picture of May Almog

May Almog

MSc 2019
May completed her M.Sc. in the lab and is currently in GTIIT, China! Continue Reading May Almog
Picture of Michal Mayer

Michal Mayer

MSc 2018
Michal completed her M.Sc. in the lab and is currently a doctoral student with Prof. Eitan Bibi at the Weizmann Institute of Science Continue Reading Michal Mayer
Picture of Dr. Einav Tayeb-Fligelman

Dr. Einav Tayeb-Fligelman

PhD, 2018
Einav completed her PhD in the lab and is currently a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. David Eisenberg at UCLA, USA. Continue Reading Dr. Einav Tayeb-Fligelman
Picture of Dr. Orly Tabachnikov

Dr. Orly Tabachnikov

PhD, former lab manager
Orly is currently working as a research associate at the Technion Faculty of Medicine Continue Reading Dr. Orly Tabachnikov
Picture of Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh

Postdoctoral Scholar 2017
Picture of Sergei Perov

Sergei Perov

MSc 2017
Sergei completed his Master degree in the lab and is currently working in the public health field Continue Reading Sergei Perov
Picture of Asher Moshe

Asher Moshe

MSc 2016
Asher completed his Master degree in the lab and is currently a PhD student at the Pupko lab, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel Continue Reading Asher Moshe
Picture of Mickal Abd Alhadi

Mickal Abd Alhadi

MSc 2015
Mickal finished her Master degree in the lab and is now a PhD student at the faculty of chemistry at the Technion Continue Reading Mickal Abd Alhadi
Picture of Dr. Yulia Matiuhin

Dr. Yulia Matiuhin

PhD, Research Associate
Picture of Dr. Orit Goldshmidt-Tran

Dr. Orit Goldshmidt-Tran

PhD, Research Associate
Currently working at the faculty of biology at the Technion Continue Reading Dr. Orit Goldshmidt-Tran